Loss of control zapping / Single chanel video, sound, table, Installation views: Screen festival, Barcelona, 2013

A flatscreen hanging upside down forces the visitors to watch the video from below and bodily repeat the camera position taken, while watching the 13 one minute video sequences. They show different spaces and spots between private situations and city spots filmed from below, as f.e. the entrance of an underground station, a backyard, a train station in Franktfurt, Mainz or Berlin. While filming the body of the camera man got exposed and became a barrier for the people to step over or react to. As visitors in the exhibition move into the same position, they integrate their bodies into the exhibition space and become essential elements of the work, repeating the situation inside the exhibition space.


Kontrollverlust zapping / Einkanal Video, Flatscreen, Tisch, Ton, 15:00 min, 2008 / 2013

13 liegend aufgezeichnete einminütige Videosequenzen.