Save on reductive greenhouse bluegrass flower power plants. balloon, breath, acrylic paint, plastic flower pot, 2011, Edition of 10 (+2 artist proofs) - Installation views at Wiensowski & Harbord, 2012

The new owner commits to sign two enclosed contracts and return the designated part to the artist.

"Save on reductive bluegrass greenhouse flower power plants." - is a painted and carefully blown up balloon, which opens a possibilty for interprivat communication. An ordered, unblown but already painted balloon can be refilled with help by the owner, starting communicative action to fill the plant with teh air of an unknown person.

Rainbow country isn't a borderless statement. | metal, acrylic laquer, carpet, 2012 - Installation views at exhibition "Neue Klasse", Wiensowski & Harbord, Berlin 2012

Swing set | metal, rubber, wall, 2010 - Installation views at Wiensowski & Harbord, 2012

25.04.: 19:00 --> Neue Klasse, Klasse Gregor Schneider, UdK Berlin switch with Klasse Christian Jankowski, ABK Stuttgart, Salon Ingeborg Wiensowski, Lützow Strasse 32, Berlin