Have you ever seen the return of those swamp things?

Ursuppenmilieu (Primeval soup) | Coloured water sucked out of a ceramic plate by a kitchen sponge rag.
Geburtsstation (Maternity ward) | Other kitchen sponge rags, used by various people in various kitchens wait in a ceramic pot on an painted mdf shelf. Liegende (Recumbancy) | An oversized swamp rag poses on a studio floor to get photographed. Fussbadende (Foot bath) | The same oversized swamp rag sits on a chair, takes a foot bath in coloured water.(Installation view at Kunstsaele, Berlin 2012) Abhängende (Hang out) | A wet and still dripping sponge rag hangs out in a former construction hall. (Installation view at Uferhallen, Berlin 2011)

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(Geburtsstation) - Maternity ward: Kitchen sponge rags used by various people in various kitchens, mdf, paint, inkjet print
(Liegende) - Recumbancy: Oversized swamp rag lies on a studio floor to get photographed and inkjet printed
(Fußbadende) - Foot bath: Oversized swamp rag sitting on various sitting opportunities, taking a foot bath in coloured water, swamp rag various sit, metall, laquer, water
(Schwebende) - Floating: A digital picture of the swamp rag, floating in the arms of "the swamp thing", inkjet print, framed, wood, LED
(Abhängende) - Hang out: Watered and sponge rag hanging out in former construction halls, dripping and drying during an exhibition

Schwebende (Floating) | An inkjet print of a picture of an oversized swamp, floating in the arms of

(Schwebende) - Floating: Inkjet print, framed, wood, LED, Edition of 10 (+2 AE)
(Fußssbadende) - Foot bath: Inkjet print, MDF, Edition of 10 (+2 AE)

(Ursuppensalon) - Exhibition view: IDLE, Colonia nova, Berlin, 2015

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