23. 06. | 01. 07. 2011
Participating artists:

Emma Björnesparr, Becky Brown, Miriam Christof, Lonny Fechner, Lea Gilloire, Lola Göller, David Iselin-Ricketts, David Kroell, Mari Matsutoya, Christoph Medicus (Ausstellungschoreographie), Kate Mulheron, Gonseok Ryu, Fiene Scharp, Diana Sirianni, Lysander Rohringer, URBANIST, Luca Vanello, Vajiko Chachkhiani;

Written contributions by:

Dr. Eva Aymans, Tobias Roth, Guido Sirianni, Sebastian Hoffmann, Katrin Herold, Derrick Fiatsi, Sarah Jane Sabin, Jan Düker and Daniel Vanello.

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Leo Baeck Salon Nr.9 the fine art issue

Near the Westhafen port in Berlin, the moving and storage company, Tolmien Umzüge, shuffles its massive inventory of shipping containers in and out of warehouses and lots controlled by computers. The tidy grounds and the bright yellow shipping containers bring a cheerful aspect to the industrial surroundings, but the focus of the operation is squarely on logistics and not the multitude of life histories contained in the shipping containers.

The students in Schneiders class at the Berlin University of the Arts who tackled that challenge responded with works that ranged from live recreations of banquet tableaus from photographs in LBI collections to abstract sculptural installations.

[Click to read full article. "Leo Baeck Salon Explores the Logistics of Memory in Berlin" Posted on August 16, 2011 in LBI News, Past Exhibitions]

Klasse Prof. Gregor Schneider, Universität der Künste Berlin in collaboration with
Leo Baeck Institut Berlin/New York and Tolmien container storage facilities Berlin

Universität der Künste - Klasse Prof. Gregor Schneider - Leo Baeck Institut New York - Salon 2011 Berlin


[exhibition: Klasse Schneider Berlin (participating artists), Christoph Medicus (choreography), University of the Arts Berlin (institution), Leo Baeck Institut New York / Berlin (archive), Tolmien container storage (facility, exhibition space), esskultur Berlin (catering), Gangway e.V. (furnishing) | website: Christoph Medicus (programming, photography), Kate Mulheron (photography) | flyer and catalogue: Lonny Fechner (layout), participating artists and writers (photography, texts) | video documentation: IJ Biermann (camera), Christoph Medicus (editing), Dirk Bleicher (photography) |Further and special thanks for help and support: Hans-Ortwin Tolmien, Klaus Köhler, Lucie Menz, Birgit Claus, Sandra Krause-Gomez, Titiana Calandrino and Ghazaleh Koohestanian]