Birthwall, Various materials, 200*200*50 cm, 2009
Entrance gate to the "Vorgarten".

Christoph Medicus - betakontext - Geburtswandperformance - Vorgarten - 2009

Geburtswandperformance (birthwall performance) - hd-video, 4:23 min, 2009
Performance by Mika Nilson Seidel.

Vorgarten - various materials and sizes, 2009
A group of usable sculpture modules formulate a "Vorgarten"(Pregarden).
They got used vas stages and furniture for various actions, talks, lectures, readings and performances.

Leseständer, Music stand, fabric rabbit, found book, ca. 100*40*30 cm, 2009

Christoph Medicus - betakontext - Staender - Vorgarten - Found-footage-public-space-educational-platform -2009

Basementality (front garden gymnastics), various materials, ca. 300*300*150 cm, 2009
After a while the combined elements of the "Vorgarten" got set up to a reproduction of the basement of the statue of liberty, which again got used and defined by visitors and the public.

Basementality (exempted framework), Various materials, ca. 300*300*150 cm, 2009
A picture of Alice Island in a golden frame.

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