Wood, glass, paper, styropor, oil pastell colours, laquer, var. size
Installation views: Wail of silence, Galerie 1435mm Prague, 2017

A wooden club inside a vitrin is a center piece and an allegorie for the processes, accidents and associative mutations shown in the installation. (EA) is visualizing various borders between coincidence and control / mechanical vs. Biologicalevolution, unfolding an environment in associative relations to topics withing the fields of <>. <> shows a process from some amoebea like module papers on the floor, remembering virus or bacteria up to a series of five framed <> showing figurative associations. The installation presents various ways of dealing with the relicts of <> as for example pieces in a golden frame, that is meant to constantly change chape through gentle rotation produced by the viewer: <>.

To produce the key material for the installation, turned wood objects are used as tools. They are painted with colorful oil pastels while they rotating on the turning machine up to a speed of 2700 rotations per min. The pastels heat up by the rapid turning and the contact to the papersheets. Papers in various sizes are pushed onto the rotating wooden objects, whose surfaces rub off the colour, corresponding to the angle and pressure intensity. This turns upside down the conventional process of frottage, in which an object lying under the paper emerges through rubbing the surface with a drawing medium.

The whole setup for <>: <
> is a continuation of „Creating pressures on public authorities and private bodies. (Gegenfrottagen)“ actually shown in Arp Museum Bahnhof Rolandseck. (Whats Unfolding, 12.02. - 04.06.2017).

A fitness landscape for my optimization problem. (EA)

High? ... ,story objects belonging to third parties? (Goldzähne)

Coco Incidence brings it all together. (Amoebenmilieu)

Creating pressures on public authorities and private bodies. (Gegenfrottagen)

To become a mature phenotype? (Bit-flip Sammlung)

Sometimes, but close to reproductive success. (Kommode)

Face to face in a blackhole of love. (Schwarzlochuhr)

Learning doesn't involve supression. (Laufende Vitrine)

Remember natural assimilations for the „Yeah!“ of the amoeba. (Wir/us)

Evolutionary's false friends party arty? (Postkarte)

Punctuated equilibrium driven by vitalism. (Lösungskandidat)

We don't know our gods, but I guess they are smiling. (Göttermaskenleuchter)