May the kings of the islands offer gifts?


Polymerklebefolie auf Fensterscheibe, 264 x 265 cm, 2017

May the kings of the islands offer gifts?

Miss Calculation's poetry is the working class heroin.

We don't know our gods, but I guess they are smiling.

Sometimes but close to reproductive success.

Your kids ain't got shit but play like Hallelujah.

Creating pressures on public authorities and private bodies.

Problematic energetic territorial perspectives emerge technically.

Make one to make fun of each other.

Suspect muscle cells remember to point at each other.

Pro mundi beneficio.

Bet your pardon?!

Ausstellungsansichten: Krippenspielcasino, Schaubude Berlin 2017
Installation views: Krippenspielcasino, Schaubude Berlin 2017