Abracadabra: Ceci n'est pas un objet trouvé. (Pömpelpentagramm)

Against the rush, again the flush. (Krisenpendelmanagement)


Ain't got alienballs? (NRA dresscode)"

All things can be mortal combat. (Stecksystem)

A fitness landscape for my optimization problem. (EA)

As if we travel too much sometimes. (Reisebüro)

As we wipe out reality, we will see this through. (Schwammgedicht)

Beautiful skyline in midnight moonlight, Manama (Bahrain)

Can't wait for you to wait for me. (Wartezimmer)

Coco Incidence brings it all together. (Amoebenmilieu)

Coloured racists on coloured canvas make jokes about colour. (Superhumor)

Come get some left for dead to call of duty-free real life affects. (Arena)

Creating pressures on public authorities and private bodies. (Gegenfrottage)

Don't cry over spilled milk. (Sollbruchstelle)

Don't you throw yourself away again? (Wurfpuppe)

Do you still believe in those '68 unchain reactions? (Kette)

Earthmother's amygdala to take-away, please! (Mandelkernmenu gedreht)

Ethnologie des Übriggebliebenen (Sammlung Brandenburg)

Evolutionary's false friends party arty? (Postkarte)

Everything's now and then never speaks for itself. (Contrato social)

Face to face in a blackhole of love. (Schwarzlochuhr)

Have you ever seen the return of those swamp things? (Schwammigkeit)

High? ... Story objects belonging to third parties? (Erbkeulensalon)

However you feel this totality becomes ridiculous. (Dreieinigkeit)

Inter-solidary management never prevents to go full retard. (Spiralismus)

Just if you'd come on demand, for good's sake! (Gemeindingïkonomie)

Learning-doesnt-involve-suppression? (Vitrine)

Let's just talk true lies for false facts. (Dialog)

May the Bauhaus be with you ! (Zombiejubiläum)

May the kings of the islands offer gifts? (Krippenspielcasino)

Miss Calculation's poetry is the working class heroin. (Vorarbeiterei mit Doppeldildoperformance im Zwischenlager als Unterschlupf)

Modernists afterlife's like mobility-geekism. (McModerne-Mohikaner-Tipi)

Mow?! .. if that's just how you milk this cow? (Fräsdrucken)

Never escape, always awake. (Musterfassade)

No sleep for no reason reproduces monsters? (Schlafender Lehrer)

Nothing to do when the flood is over. (Sandsackcouch)

Oil of yours can come and go (tug / suck / fuck / hug / mug / plug ) yourselfs. (Schwarzgold)

Our best hens never questioned who came first. (Eierbechersäule)

Paradise, paradise you little thugs! (Bootcamp)

Problematic energetic territorial perspectives emerge technically. (PET)

Pro mundi beneficio. (Wind um Nichts)

Pushing the record everything becomes a re:sourcerror! (Sprachrohr)

Rainbow country isn't a borderless statement. (Schleuse)

Remember natural assimilations for the „Yeah!“ of the amoeba. (Wir/US)

Robin's fortune telling again. (Knochenwurfspiel)

See me on your 30th. (Tresen)

Slide away but come back soon. (Rutsche)

Slow down to get together. (Gegenstücke)

Some things between you and your animals. (Hundesachen)

Sometimes you fill up their space with your beautiful slaughter. (Beautiful)

Somewhere between Marcel and Marcel. (Du Breuerhangeln Champ)

Somewhere between two smiles of Hokusai. (Grinsearbeit)

Sorry but there is not what you are looking for.

So you follow these clowns through the night. (Probeliege)

Stick together. (Rueckrad)

Suspect muscle cells remember to point at each other. (Zeigefingermobile)

The mothers eat fermented grapes, and the daughters get pointed teeth. (Bufett 3)

The sea-ders hide if you want to hide Lebanon. (Zwischenstück)

The uprising of things falling apart

They're all players, they do nothing, they just wanna art. (Anspielungsraum)

They can bring fortune in your pockets. (Refugees welcome kit)

To become a mature phenotype? (Bit-flip Sammlung)

To take action to you too. (Balanceakt)

Toward a more efficient public sector. (Säulenzerlegung)"

Toward a more unefficient public sector. (Gegenfrottagehampelmann)"

TRUST the BUTTMANN foundation. (Ein Rest wird Buddha)

Use the angles to listen to what it is telling you. (Kampfpuppe)

US humen exploit all sex, me play out fat fart. (ROTOR)

We don't know our gods, but I guess they are smiling. (Göttermaskenleuchte)

We are the aliens. (NRA)

We wear those were US vice versa. (Kaeltemonster)

Witch-hand washed by the other? (Hamsa)

Who is who's next turn? (Glücksrad)

Without saying that you want as much as you can get. (Trainingsraum)

Your kids ain't got shit but play like Hallelujah. (Meisterkinderzimmer)

Your kids never question who comes first. (Kellerkinderzimmer)

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